A Guide to Choosing the Right Fence

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IMG_2683A Guide To Choosing The Right Fence 

Are you considering fencing for your home or office? Do you know about the different types of fencing available in the market?  To start with, there are tons of different types of fences that you can choose from if you are in the market for a Residential or Commercial Fence.

Below we are listing jus some of the choices that you would have for your fencing needs:


Aluminum Fencing

Celebrated as one the most attractive and basic fences, aluminum fences are not just for homeowners who are looking for powerful security, aluminum fencing serves all different types of needs according to your specific situation and desire.  Aluminum fencing is quite maintenance free, however this fence will need a bit of attention during installation.  When you are in the market for a fence it is best to contact a professional knowledgeable contractor to install an aluminum fence.  Remember aluminum fencing comes in different shapes, sizes and colors and are quite beautiful and can add value to any property.


Wood Fencing

Not only it’s considered as the best privacy fence for Americans, but they find wood fence attractive as well. Perhaps, cheap fence panels, wood fencing does not break the bank and yet offer a warm welcome to your guests.

PVC Fencing

Needless to say, PVC fences are the cheapest fence panels and make use of the PVC material in place of wooden pickets and stakes. While they are not as strong as wood, they can definitely serve your purpose. Available in wide range of colors and heights, this fence is quite resistant to weather elements too.

Wrought Iron Fencing

You must have come across some of the funkiest fences. Actually, those are wrought iron fences as they can be customized to any design and pattern with much ease. Though there’re beautiful and strong, they need regular upkeep to maintain its original demeanor.

Vinyl Fencing

An elite fence, it is often said that vinyl fencing is almost four times more elastic and five times tougher than wood fences.

Maintenance free and resisting paint, vinyl fences can be cleaned with a hose & soap.

While installing it might wipe off your bank account for once, its lifelong cost of maintenance is too small, making them cheap fence panels.

Chain Link Fencing

While they don’t bring much privacy to your home, they are quite cheap, long-lasting and require very less maintenance. You can always grow some flowers, vines, shrubbery and more to chain link fence in order to block your neighbor’s views.

Electric Fencing

Designed primarily to contain pets like dogs, electric fencing works through an invisible area of electric power. A wire is placed in gorge dug next to boundary the homeowner wants to fence off.

While the wireless transmitter activates wire, battery-powered collar receives signals from wire.

As soon as the dog gets near boundary, he is sent an alarm in the form of a sound.

Bamboo Fencing

The most eco-friendly option, bamboo fencing adds to the aesthetic appeal as well! Coming in three forms—bamboo cane, live bamboo, and rolled bamboo, this is not at all recommended for cold locations.

Farm Fencing

While it’s not that popular among homeowners, some still combine it with electric, wood, woven, barbed wire and high tensile to achieve the right look and purpose!